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Perhaps you have heard of Reiki and are looking for how it may serve you.  Perhaps you have never heard of Reiki and wondered what it is.  You have found my site because you are searching for answers.  The following is my intent to provide you with a clear understanding of what Reiki is.   

Reiki is a spiritual, although not religious, healing modality which originated in Japan.  It is offered through light touch, which promotes balance of body, mind and spirit.  Once in balance the body becomes in the most favorable condition in which to heal. 


It is difficult to express the depth and breadth of Reiki with these few "sound bites", so I shall elaborate...


Mikao Usui, a Japanese businessman, discovered a remarkable healing ability while meditating.  He called his discovery Shin-shin Kai-Zen Usui Reiki Ryoho (The Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind) or for short, Usui Reiki Ryoho


The Japanese Kanji or pictogram (see left) for "Reiki" has often been translated to the English language in a very simplistic manner such as "Rei" - Universal and "Ki" - Life Energy.   While this may be acceptable on a superficial level we lose the profound meaning that each brush stoke intends to convey and it does not give an accurate description of Usui Sensei's Reiki Ryoho.  A deeper understanding of Reiki may be found by the translation meaning "Ki" - the energy of life or primal essence, "Rei" - that is guided by the Universal Being of wisdom and loveAn even more comprehensive study  may be found in "What Does the Reiki Kanji Mean?


In its original form, Reiki supported personal development and was a path to enlightenment.  This spiritual aspect has not been abandoned, however.  Many people feel more connected spiritually while experiencing or practicing Reiki no matter what their religious beliefs might be. 


In the West, Reiki is presented mainly as a healing treatment practice.  The basic concept underlying Reiki is that the body has a natural, innate, subtle energy field or "life force" that is central to its health and proper functioning.  This life energy, utilized during a Reiki treatment and recognized the world over, is the living energy that sustains the existence of organs, cells, tissue, and blood in all living creatures.  It pervades everything; human, animal, plants, minerals; sentient as well as insentient.  This life force is considered our connective flow to Source. 


At times, an individual's energy systems may develop a blockage and the life force becomes weakened.  Having a depleted life force makes a person vulnerable to stress and prone to acquiring illnesses.  Having an optimal life force provides a person with greater chances of living a more satisfying and healthy life.  Reiki is shown to raise the life force energy.


Reiki heals on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It is a powerful, profound, positive healing energy which is offered to the recipient through non-invasive, touch therapy.  The Reiki practitioner facilitates this energy connection by becoming a clear channel through which this Source energy flows to the recipient.  The practitioner's energy is never used nor drained during a treatment session.  Reiki is  very gentle and soothing, which helps recipients feel more relaxed and peaceful.  It often decreases their pain and may speed their healing.   The art of Reiki healing aligns all the energies of a person's life and being with the Source energy of the universe and brings balance. 


Reiki is not faith healing.  Reiki is learned primarily for self-care and can be practiced informally or formally on family, friends, animal companions, plants, food, water, the living or non-living -- almost everything and anything in the universe (either distant or present).


The content is intended to be used for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional  medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment.   Please always consult your primary care giver for any concerns about your health. 

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