Reiki Treatment

"Universal Reiki and Reiki within your body become a symmetry. 

The Universe is you and you are the Universe.  Both merge into one. 

These are the final Reiki goals to achieve."

--Modern Reiki Method for Healing, Japanese Reiki Master, Mr. Hiroshi Doi

How do you feel right now? 
What if you could improve on that?


World events and personal trials can make anyone anxious these days.  Many feel stressed out as we overbook ourselves and don't know how to slow down. 

Others are faced with health issues that vary from simple headaches to grim diagnoses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Sound familiar?  There is no need to endure any of this without help.


Giving yourself the gift of a Reiki healing treatment is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Just by coming in, you will feel calm and begin to relax.  Using the power of Reiki is one of the most effective ways to support your body's natural healing abilities.  Reiki promotes your overall balance, physically, emotionally and mentally.  A balanced body is an environment in which true healing can take place.  Reiki is safe, non-invasive and considered to be a complementary therapy, meaning  it can be used alongside any medical care you may receive.  Make time for YOU; care for yourself.  Reiki can help you to feel and function better and enhance every aspect of your life.  Come visit me for a Reiki healing treatment in Helena, Montana.

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Session Consultations

Every Reiki healing session in Helena, Montana considers your current well being, focusing on your present needs.  Prior to your Reiki treatment,  we'll discuss the issues facing you today, whether physical or emotional so that each treatment is tailored to address your concerns.  You will receive a great deal of energy during your treatment and that may cause some positive changes within one session, but then what do you do after? 


After your treatment, we'll talk about your experience and answer any questions you may have.  From my experience, I can offer additional tools, techniques and/or exercises you may utilize for regaining and maintaining your balance and health.  My goal is to bring you back to wellness so you may face your life challenges by feeling better, stronger and more knowledgeable.  You will feel nurtured and supported in your own journey.  If I see that you need help in another area, I will refer you out to other specialists such as Physicians, Chiropractors, or Therapists who will have your best interests in mind.

Unsolicited comments from some of my Reiki recipients:
​"I still am feeling such a peacefulness from our session yesterday and feel so blessed that you were put in my life!  I truly feel like it was such a gift and you are an amazing healer and woman and I also really enjoyed our conversations!  So nice to meet a kindred spirit where I can just be me!"

Blessings to you for all your kindness!

--T. McCreary

PS — My knee seems much improved,  Thank you!

"Thank you so much for the Reiki yesterday.  I slept for 7 hours last night and woke up feeling so refreshed which never happens!!  I will be back again"
--J. O'Neill

"I can't thank you enough!  Our session was truly amazing! You are amazing! I believe the universe has brought us together, and I am really looking forward to learning more! Thank you again! "

Love and light to you!

--M. Martinelli

"Thank you for the gifts of healing you've brought me this last year.  You've helped me process an enormous amount of emotions & gave me some specific, effective tips to help me transition on. 

I am also so grateful for your Reiki Circles--an open environment that makes me feel welcomed has fueled my pursuit in bodywork.  I'm planning on completing my Reiki Master training this summer!"

Love & Light,

--N. Mann

"I'm a little late getting back to you, but wanted to let you know how calm and revitalized I feel when I talk with you.  I was grateful to have spent 3 (!!) whole hours with you.  I look forward to knowing you better and participating in the Reiki circles, and learning Reiki, too.  Thank you kindly for your time, I enjoyed every moment."

--L. Sando

"You did a reiki session on me on the 4th. I'm so grateful I met you. You are such a wonderful healer, thank you for that. You were right with telling me to relax that day. I had one of the worst headaches I've had in a really long time and I was super tired as well. The headache was right at the base of my skull. The interesting part of that was when you were touching that part of my head I felt a slight amount of pressure and quite a bit of heat. I know I needed that."

 --S. Mckay

"I can't express how much the Reiki treatment affected my life in a positive way.  It was an incredible experience and I thank you immensely."

--C. George

" I personally went to interview Jay Pocius and experience Reiki myself.  She was very professional and kind.  The treatment was quite an experience.  After answering a questionnaire similar to a doctor's office, you then discuss your life style, past and present health issues, and any concerns you may have.  The treatment does not involve taking off your clothes or changing your clothes.  She begins by channels [sic] Reiki energy, and at first your whole body feels like it's on fire.  Then your body feels cool and as she puts her hands over the various parts of the body you feel this tremendous amount of heat over that particular part of the body, almost like a heating pad.  At the end of the session you feel relaxed and refreshed.  I would recommend a treatment to anyone who has any health issues including both mental and physical."

--J. Doris, nursing student

What to expect from a Reiki Treatment
  • You lie fully clothed on a treatment table.


  • The practitioner lightly places her hands in a number of positions on or over your body with the intention that the energy serves your highest and best good.


  • The energy flows through her hands offering healing energy wherever it needs to go.  Traditional Usui Reiki Royoho hand positions are utilized as well as other positions to cover any areas of concern brought up during the earlier consultation.


  • You will notice subtle sensations, sometimes her hands feel warm, even hot and deeply soothing.


  • Your energy blockages break down and release allowing healing energy to flow again freely.


  • If you are in pain, you may feel it lessen or even vanish.


  • Each hand placement brings sense of ease.


  • Reiki induces the relaxation response, brings balance and puts you in the best condition for healing.


  • You feel you could lie there contentedly for a very long time...

Terms & Conditions

    All in person Reiki healing treatment sessions are held in Helena, Montana.

    Choosing one of the above options will allow you the convenience to pre-pay for one or more Reiki treatment sessions.  Sessions may also be paid for by cash, check or credit card during the treatment appointment.

    Reiki treatment session appointments may be scheduled by phone or email.  See button below for contact details.

Soothing candlelight for a Reiki treatment
People will never forget how you made them feel

I've learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what

you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

--Maya Angelou

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