Reiki healing Master Level workshop

Reiki Master Level Class

in Helena, MT

Multi-day workshop: November  4-7, 2020

Usui Shiki Ryoho - The Usui Way Healing Method

* * * This is the very last Master Level class we will ever be teaching! * * *

3 weekday evenings 6:30-8:30pm and Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm

Offered once a year

by Reiki Master Instructors: Jay and Peter Pocius


​Your decision to continue your Reiki training and work on your Masters Level is truly a gift to yourself as well as the world.

A Reiki Master is not someone who has mastered Reiki, but rather someone who keeps offering themselves deeply to their practice with continual discovery, learning and sharing.  Mastership is a spiritual gift bestowed upon one by Source and facilitated by one's Reiki Master, a remembrance of a connection to one's true self.  By no means should this be considered a completion of your Reiki training as your spiritual development and personal growth continues and develops for the rest of your life.

Mastership implies a level of responsibility to one's students, individuals who receive Reiki through one's touch, and to the Reiki Spiritual Healing modality in general.  A Reiki Master is a person who has felt a call to be of service, to share the ability to practice Reiki with others.


Ideally, a Reiki Master is someone who (as well as having received the relevant attunements) possesses a good understanding of the subject matter, has a strong desire to help their students develop their own potentials, has respect for their students, (as well as eliciting the respect of their students) and also has the ability to inspire their students and to draw the best from them.


Becoming a Reiki Master is a significant, life altering step in your Reiki training.  Because of this, there are several prerequisites:

  • One must first be attuned to and have taken a Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II classes and received certificates for each. 

  • Extensive practice using Reiki on self and others. 

  • Experience with the energy and a working familiarity with the symbols. 

  • Contemplation on your purpose in life and a decision that Reiki Mastership is in harmony with it.


Our goal here is to seek sincere individuals; those that have a strong self ethic, are confident with Reiki and all it entails, who make heart centered decisions, who are compassionate, honest, and seek and discern truth from within.


I suggest, as part of the Master training, that each person who desires to take this workshop, assist us in one of our lower level Reiki classes.  This is voluntary and not a requirement.  Dates and times for these classes are displayed on this website.  Please contact me if you wish to assist us.


If you have satisfied the prerequisites for this level, the above resonates with you and you feel that this is truly the direction in which you aspire; please continue by registering on-line or by mail. 

Tuition Fees:

Deposit:  $75.00 (reserves your place, non-refundable)


Full Tuition:  $375.00


Family Discount:  $337.00 (if more than one family member attends)


NOTE:  To reserve your place, registration must be received no later than October 28, 2020


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