Healing Light Reiki Circle

FREE and open to everyone; Reiki Practitioners of all levels and branches as well as those desiring to experience the healing powers of Reiki.  Consider joining us for a relaxing, healing Reiki treatment.


  • Reiki is gentle and non-invasive.  It enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself and is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote wellness.  It is amazing simplicity--nourishing, profound and effective.

  • Sharing in a Reiki Circle is a most beautiful and peaceful way to be introduced to Reiki and experience a compassionate, relaxing treatment in a group setting.  We have created a nurturing environment for body, mind and spirit in which respect is given to all who attend.

  • Participating in a Circle is a wonderful way for Reiki Practitioners to share Reiki with others, honor ourselves as healers, continue learning and share healing experiences, as well as introduce this healing system to those who have never experienced Reiki.

  • Evenings will include a short guided meditation, Reiki treatments and a support network in which to learn, grow and heal with Reiki.

​​ Check Event calendar for any last minute changes

Comments from participants:

  • "Sending a great big thank you and a warm hug for always holding space for us for Reiki circle.  The grace is palpable and very much appreciated. Thanks to your spirit and of course all of our unseen helpers, angels, and guides.  Warm hugs, M. Riitano"

  • "This is C. Hansen from last night.  I had my first good night's sleep last night, unaided by drugs, since the operation.  Thank you and the team!"

  • "I loved the Reiki gathering.  Wonderful group of warm people.  I have had osteo arthritis in my hips for two years.  Sometimes, very annoying.  I know that teaching dance for 30 years has helped many parts of my body...but not my hip joints.  Anyway, I asked the Reiki group to focus on my hips.  I have not had an ache since.  I keep thinking it is mental...that I'm telling myself they are not hurting...but believe me...I have been trying to tell myself that everyday for a good year and that didn't work.  I keep testing myself out, thinking that it's impossible.  I don't know ...but it sure is a relief to not be awakened every night with throbbing hip joints.  Or to get out of bed, or up from a chair, or out of the car and not walk like a cripple for the 1st 10 feet.  I am horseback riding tomorrow, which will be the true test, as I haven't been able to ride very long lately do (sic)  to the pain.  I am so interested in learning more.  I feel like I'm at the beginning of a wonderful adventure.  Thank you so much for making me aware of Reiki, you came at a time when my spirit needed a huge lift."  D. Harrington

Scheduled for the third Wednesday of every month


The  sessions scheduled for

November 18 & December 16, 2020

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

CANCELLED due to coronavirus outbreak

Hosted by Jay and Peter Pocius

6260 Head Lane

Helena, MT 59602

Call/Text 406-431-8477 for more information

Absolutely no charge, but small donations are welcome.  Help us keep this valuable service open to the public.

  • "Hi,  I'm still benefiting from the Reiki healing.  No more neck pain!!  It was as if a heavy thick goo was painted on my cervical spine and cooked or laminated to a hard candy apple consistency.  A few days afterwards, every head movement produced crunching and crackling on my neck.  This occurred for a few days, then nothing--no more pain.  No more lower back pain--blood sugars lower.  May I come back?"  R. Muller

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