Reiki Healing Room

Within my home is a exceptional space, dedicated to Reiki Healing.  It is calm and serene with soft lighting and soothing music; perfect for relaxing treatments and private consultations.  Here you can truly let go of your day-to-day pressures, anxieties, worries, fears and shoulds.  This is your time and the world fades away. 

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Jay Pocius Reiki philosophy

My Philosophy

To begin with, I hold this energy with such respect and appreciation.  I am humbled that I am able to channel it and offer it to others as well as myself.  My experience has shown me that it can do miraculous things, enabling people and animals to heal themselves both physically and emotionally.  It has intensely touched the core of my being and the realization has brought me to tears at times.


Reiki is my being and there is no way to separate myself from it.  It is always available to help minor cut fingers to heart attacks.  I feel it to be an extremely effective tool which effectively complements other healing professions.


In addition to being a healing therapy, Reiki is a way of being.  Be-ing Reiki raises one's perspective above the day to day drama of one's life; to see and understand the true meaning of how we are energetically connected to one another.  How, if that were understood by all, the world would be transformed overnight.


My goal is to provide services that improve your health and wellness, reduce your stress and bring you to a balanced state in which you leave feeling relaxed and cared for.  While offering you a treatment, I consider the whole of you, body, mind and spirit.  There is ample time for you to ask questions and discuss your concerns which are kept in strict confidence.  I explain concepts or terms you may not be famililar with.  I offer Reiki treatment sessions in Helena, Montana that compassionately focus on you.  You are always treated in the highest regard. 

In Light,

Jay Pocius

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